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But as just a slang word for food, it dates back to the early 1800s and was probably originally a military term for solders’ rations, particularly those of poor quality. Any earlier than that, however, and no one is an entirely sure where the word comes from.9 things you will have tasted if you’re aRead More

In the Creationist worldview on display in the Creation Museum, sin inaugurated sickness, disease, and the decay associated with the Second Law of Thermodynamics. Prior to Adam’s sin, the laws of physics were different, since there could be no decay. So, according to the Answers in Genesis website, “another compensating restorative process may have preventedRead More

Green Aesop: The Daemon guides its operatives into building sustainable communities based on local manufacture and renewable energy, while striking at Big Business and its long supply chains. World of Snark: As mentioned above, many characters hold the Snark Ball at some point. A big departure from the books where Yeerk Controllers are able toRead More

A defining feature of the Standard Sci Fi Setting. Among his Always Chaotic Evil kind he’s the most powerful one not counting godlike Dark Lords, but prefers to use manipulation rather than violence. That, or both parties simply end up destroying each other, so no one wins in the end.. Faye in Cowboy Bebop’s EpisodeRead More

My mother invited 400 of her closest friends to my wedding, my father reserved his club, (a beautiful old mansion in my hometown) and mailed fancy, expensive ecru wedding invitations. The invitations also included stamped enclosure cards, steak or chicken entree options, and a piece of silky see through paper that I never did knowRead More

Morality Pet: Kaido had one in Teruo, before it turned out the latter was the Orphenoch King. Christians may (and often do) sing in other genres as well. The latter is a reference to the art style, which neglects to portray the character’s arms unless they expressly need it. Somewhat justified, because you can findRead More