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Combining Mecha: In Season 1, all the Rangers came together to form the Megazord (“Dino Megazord” in later merchandising). My Country, Right or Wrong: To the absolutely horrifying extreme that she will go against her own morals in order to protect Daein, even if it means she has to partake in genocide to doRead More

Like most people, I find fridges the least sexy kitchen appliance of all. It reminds me of those hideously boxy, old fashioned cars, where not more than a twitch and a fiddle was spent on the aesthetic design of the item or in this case, the refrigerator. I’ve convinced both my fridges that they areRead More

Parents are supposed to be the protectors of children, but these parents are either so damaged themselves that they can’t do the job, greedy or villainous to the point that they never had any interest in doing the job properly, or would rather use the child as a means to an end. Sometimes they’re justRead More

Bloody Hilarious Born in the Wrong Century: Albert. Boyfriend Bluff: Variation. Albert and his new friend try to get the woman that left him jealous, leading up to: “I live inside her, so if you wanna send me a letter you have to send it co. her vagina.”. Replica bags In addition to this, theRead More

In a world where humans have supplanted a magical race known as the Ancients, can there a place for those who are part human and part Ancient, or are they forever cursed or blessed by their Impure Blood?. The Bus Came Back: John “Bradshaw” Layfield brought him back with Viscera during JBL’s feud withRead More

dc super hero girls web animation wholesale replica handbags “Diary of a Zombie” (or “Diario de un Zombi”, in its original Spanish version) is a horror novel by Sergi Llauger about Erico, the world’s only thinking zombie, a lonely and self absorbed 23 year old (or 1 year old, depending on if he’s feeling moreRead More

Children and the elderly with low immunity and adults who smoke are at the greatest risk. “Around 15 years ago, at least 90 per cent lung cancer patients had a history of smoking and only 10 per cent patients were found to be non smokers,” said Dr Arvind Kumar, chairman of the centre for chestRead More

Bullethole Door: “Open your mouth, cover your ears, mind your toes.” Cannibal Larder: There’s a grisly mound of bones hidden under the werewolves’ house. Coat, Hat, Mask: Used by the Origami Killer when “visiting” Paco. Mythology Gag: Ji Hoo’s horse, given to him by Soo Jin, is named “Rui” after Rui Hanazawa, Ji Hoo’sRead More

Foregone Conclusion: The opening animation of each game is slightly spoiler laden, although the game must be played through to the end to find out exactly what happened and why. In the opening for Red Zone Cuba, Mike and The Bots are playing “high stakes” bingo and Magic Voice calls out “B 37.” On standardRead More

Other times their date nights/lunches together will be interrupted by a call from The FBI/forensic team at the same time for the same case they’ll be working on. And again, in chapter 17, where he finds himself alone in a cafe full of happy couples. And if the hero dies following the reveal and isRead More