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The Companions of Doctor Who: A short lived series of Target novels featuring companions without the Doctor. After original novels featuring Turlough and Harry Sullivan (the latter written by Sullivan’s actor Ian Marter), it fizzled out with a novelisation of K 9 and Company. Doctor Who New Adventures: Created after the show was cancelled, asRead More

The riders (usually a celebrity and an unfortunate audience member) were covered in foam and various other mess at every turn before finally ending up behind the large fireplace, where the main flood of gunge would be spewed from the ceiling.. Vagueness Is Coming: Algernon, which doesn’t get a decent explanation until many episodes latter.Read More

(At least until they start acting out.) Sometimes a trouble maker will realize that they screwed up horribly and run to an adult figure, their parents, or the police for help. Ankle Drag: Happens to Ripley at the end, when the xenomorph queen latches on to her leg, but she manages to get free atRead More

Nothing Is Scarier: The monster keeps mostly in shadows or indistinct mists, and is only shown in very brief cuts so the audience has no time to register its appearance. Teasle wants a nice, quiet, orderly town. And Starring: “With Neil Patrick Harris and Alyson Hannigan.” Anger Montage: “Murderrrrrrr! Climb aboard the murder traiiiiiiiiin!” AnotherRead More

Odd Friendship: How Obito and Rin initially saw Tomoko’s relationship with Kakashi. Justified considering the last time they saw Kakashi, he was a stand offish jerk in the Academy and Tomoko, to them, was one of the nicest civilians they ever met. Led to a moment of Funny on Obito’s part when he first sawRead More

Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Mr. Compare Attack Animal (which might overlap if the drone is intelligent enough to act on instructions, rather than direct control). Stable Time Loop: While Mampato meets and befriends several historical figures from the past, Mampato’s actions don’t seem to cause changes in current history, so this seemsRead More

Marijuana remains illegal under the federal Controlled Substances Act, despite statewide efforts to scale back on criminalizing the plant over the past few years. President Barack Obama’s Justice Department has allowed states to forge their own way on marijuana policy due to guidance urging federal prosecutors to refrain from targeting state legal marijuana operations. ButRead More

Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold: Fellow actress Chloe Moretz called her an “ethereal forest elf.” Mistaken Identity: Used to get mistaken for her big sister. Now that she’s gotten older and made more of a name for herself as an actress, it’s lessened. Punny Name: This Vogue short turns her name into creative tongueRead More

Legacy Character: Supposedly, Harleen Quinzel isn’t the first Harley Quinn. They also employ some efficient but ruthless people in their ranks; for example, Nadreck of Palain. Berry plants can no longer become permanently unharvestable, either, so you won’t be at risk of permanently losing a rare berry by planting it. The movie was also adaptedRead More

Depraved Bisexual: Geoffrey Shafer aka “The Weasel” is implied to be one. At this point, you’ll only have two or three badges, and if you don’t talk to them from the side and instead rush toward the city entrance, you have to battle both of them at once a Double Battle. Chalk Outline: Played with.Read More