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To be trustworthy, you have to trustyourself first. You have to trustyourself to make decisions that you know are right, even when you don haveall the information. You have to trust yourself to listen to your gut becauseyour gut comes from experience and having been there one too many times. You have to trust yourselfRead More

But the afterlife that awaits everyone, a blood red corridor with “Men with sticks and men with ropes” waiting at the end, doesn’t sound too heavenly. People who have been generally good and are accepting of their death tend to enter a door with a beautiful blue light. It’s possible there is a good afterlife,Read More

Another issue that is often given by men filing for divorce is due to the inability or lack of desire to have children. The pressure for men to have children to carry on their family’s legacy is still alive even now when adoption options are incredibly common. Issues arise frequently when one spouse is unableRead More

Majora’s Mask has the very long Kafei and Anju quest, where it appears that Kafei has gone missing just before his marriage with Anju. The Dragon: Flattop and Itchy seem to fill this role for Big Boy. Many tracks on Homework are five to seven minutes long, including the uncut version of “Around the World”.Read More

Irony: At the beginning of the film, Clark says that the reason he doesn’t want to fly is because when you’re on a plane, you can put headphones on and be in your own world, and thus not truly spending time with your family. Pretty in Mink: For a photo shoot in 2013 she woreRead More

MSM supports a healthy digestive system and helps calm the nerves too. I personally use it to help fight depression. Even though most of the research being done on MSM is for pain relief, many people have noticed that it really does make you feel in a better mood and has a calming effect onRead More

Four Girl Ensemble: Dionne (sexy and glamorous), Tai (ditzy and clueless), Amber (snarky and haughty) and Cher (conflicted protagonist). Giant Enemy Crab: in “Viking Games”, Thora unleashes one on Phillip and Kyle after the two refuse to fight each other any longer in the titular viking game. Chris hasn’t been transported wholly to Byston Well;Read More