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The station received over a hundred calls, but only two were complaints: the others were from people congratulating the station for being brave enough to show a medical procedure. Believe it or not, they’e piloted by aliens! Some of the heavier ones only hover, though, and don’t even avoid damage from landmines. This trope isRead More

Easier Than Easy/Exactly What It Says on the Tin: DaiOuJou has a secret No Bullets option. For example: one was a little boy who was beaten by his mother. Basically all the doors on the Death Star. Can evolve into Bullying a Dragon if you find out the hard way that you’re outclassed but stillRead More

Balls of Steel: This is one of Master Pain’s / Betty’s powers. The scene where Betty demonstrates said powers (where a guy strikes Betty/Pain directly in the crotch with a pole and he doesn’t even flinch) was apparently the reason why Steve Oedekerk chose that particular film to use. Wimp Lo apparently thinks he hasRead More

After a series of events driving a rift between him and the studio, Kojima has left Konami and established his own studio, Kojima Productions. Determined Widow: After her husband’s death, Jean supports herself by starting a secretarial firm, even though she confesses to Lionel that if they had gotten married, she wouldn’t have wanted toRead More

Mix and Match Critters: The corrupted defense program of the Book of Darkness, which seems to be a hybrid of the magical monsters whose linker cores the Wolkenritter absorbed. Arc Words: Several: Quotations from William Blake’s “The Tyger” are spread all throughout the storyline with “tyger” replaced by “spider”. Bottomless Magazines: Nobody ever needs toRead More

Some levels have weapons in a container right next to the start, but they’re typically just a pair of.44 Desert Eagles. Batter Up!: Bats are the most common melee weapon. They also do nothing except kill you if you accidentally smack yourself in the face with one. Some scholars believes that this whole episode preRead More

Cherryl becomes quite exasperated. If KSI is to be believed, his dad put out a fire while completely nude. When they hammer or ducking in his shell when they jump. Eventually, they run out of loose rocks, and flip rubber bands at each other. They seem to be in a never ending contest inRead More

Taken as a whole, the Ben 10 franchise is Cartoon Network’s longest running series with a grand total of 310 episodes across 20 seasons, four made for TV movies, 40 shorts, and 1 specialnote although one that was counted as an episode of Generator Rex instead. It is also the most number of episodes andRead More

Frothy Mugs of Water: On milder settings, the beer can is shown on the dot matrix display as “Root Beer”. It turns out it was Satoshi’s mother. He spends the entire scene offending his Allies for no reason. Literally, as she married Laurence Fox in December 2007. Your example should be more about the coatRead More

find out how chiropractors can help you lose weight Replica bags Dominos Pizza continues its partnership with St. Jude, having raised more than $25 million dollars to date, and committed to raising $35 million more over the next eight years. This year during Thanks and Giving, consumers can also help the kids of St. JudeRead More