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Suffice to say, it was a bad plan.). She describes herself as “a powerless god” since she can’t influence events positively: when the True Companions start to go off the deep end, they become somewhat aware of Hanyuu’s presence but it only registers as the sense that they are being watched by something they can’tRead More

Random Drop: There is a whole bunch of items that the monsters may drop, naturally leading to. Mash the flipper buttons to fill up Riggs’ Charge Meter faster than Travis’ to win. The Blu ray for the film includes additional footage of it which follow the ending where Sam Flynn finally accepts his roleRead More

As the preceding paragraph has noted, lysine is among several amino acids that our body needs for it to function normally. Even though it is an essential amino acid, lysine is not something that our bodies can produce naturally. Instead, our body relies on the food that we consume every day to provide it withRead More

Luckily, Palkia, Dialga, and Giratina all appear and decide to band together to hold Arceus back from destroying their pals, Ash and Pikachu. Crowning Moment Of Heart Warming: Suu: “I love you.” Four Star Badass: Gingetsu all the way. A bit later, the shuttle bus stops for no apparent reason halfway to the destination and,Read More

Disappeared Dad: We don’t hear much about Tory’s father, except that he was apparently kind of a Jerkass. Marcoh, Alphonse, Denny Brosh, Maria Ross, Scar, Major Miles, and original character Paul Douglas join Fuery as pawns. Since none of the bosses grant ability upgrades to explore more of the map, you’re free to backtrackRead More

In short, if a NPC cannot be killed through normal means, then there must be some abnormal means to do the job. Blood from the Mouth: Quellek’s death scene. In several episodes, it is possible to see police cars with forward facing blue lights. Mercy Kill: Mandus believed he killed his children out of mercy,Read More

The Quisling Doctor Braxis as well, since he’s a scientist who offers to help the Renegades in exchange for power. One character’s work commute. Bendis eventually confirmed in the first New Avengers hardcover that Ronin was indeed intended to be Daredevil, and that the decision to have it turn out to be Maya instead wasRead More

Idiosyncratic Episode Naming: Except for the finale, it uses the for [Word]/[Usually related word]. Undeniably One of Us, as he has said that the reason he played characters like Elrond and Agent Smith was to get action figures made out of his characters so he could make them fight each other. EnBey refuses to goRead More

Terra of the Teen Titans, when she seemed to be resurrected as Terra II. Terra was originally The Mole and a Psycho for Hire who infamously died due to her own anger, but the second version was an all around good guy and a straight superhero. It was later revealed and clarified, however, that theRead More

The scantily clad slave woman Sheba wears something that looks like it was made at least in the 1930s. Blessed with Suck: If the gods bequeath a supernatural gift on you, even if it looks good on paper, it’s going to make your life very uncomfortable/painful. Friendly Enemy: Beerus. Hermes Replica Handbags Getting Crap PastRead More