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Also, Helena Berg in The Phantom of Venice, Emily Griffin from Ghost Dogs at Moon Lake and Anja Mittelmeier in The Captive Curse. One of Four’s memories shows Three carrying him out of the mine there where they were attacked by psychotic Drones. He winds up travelling the world with the Great Sage, atoning forRead More

Mighty Glacier: Kamala, The Yeti, Loch Ness. It is called “Love Goddess” rather than “Love Deity” because the females are much more common.. As a result, her death in Chapter 8 is one of the story’s Tearjerker moments. In Speed, the protagonist Jack Traven needs to get onto a bus travelling at a highRead More

He believed parking should be free for everyone. George is the most tomboyish of Blyton’s tomboys, fiercely resenting any reference to her being a girl and any effort to make her behave like one. This goes double for the Wake Up Call Boss in the second game: the most obvious place to shoot is itsRead More

Metaplot: Given that the game is a prequel, this is a necessity. In Mayo Chiki!, Subaru’s family has had a tradition of serving as butlers to the Suzutsuki family, but her mother died a few years after giving birth to her, and her father, the current butler, does not wish to remarry. Nowadays, Gintoki makesRead More

You’re a multiple amputee who’s been flayed alive. All Flesh Must Be Eaten, typically abbreviated as “AFMBE”, is a Survival Horror Tabletop Role Playing Game based around the concept of a Zombie Apocalypse. Final Battle: An appropriately epic one, at that. When Delzaine dies, they become something of a temporary peacekeeping militia instead. That’s notRead More

The Bus Came Back: After being absent from Pokemon Platinum to Pokemon X (except for Morty’s Gym), Democracy Mode returns note As in concurrent with Anarchy Mode, unlike Twitch Plays Pokemon Conquest, an intermission game, were it was majorly played in Democracy Mode only. He’s a very big generic demon, mind you, but notRead More

Basque Grand of Fullmetal Alchemist. He’s not the leader of the country, but he is a high ranking officer (a Brigadier General at the time of his death) and during his time as a Colonel Badass was Roy Mustang’s immediate superior during the Ishvalan Civil War, although the “black” part is debatable. Replica ValentinoRead More

Don’t steal one from his head. You also start off without armor, weapons, or items, and only the latter two can be replenished from what you find in the caves.. Broken Bridge: The game is just a string of Broken Bridges. What is depicted as the courthouse parking lot where Mike’s “troll” booth under theRead More

She’s quick to take on the adventure, but even more interested in finding a way off the island if the castle doesn’t prove challenging enough for her. Maul considers corrupting Eldra, something he will later try with Ezra in Rebels. Almost too often to count. You also have to grind for any of the exclusiveRead More

To speed the process along, the Apostles can steal the Heart Flowers of those going through a rough patch and turn them into Desertrians, berserker monsters who are the embodiment of that person’s frustrations and insecurities. See Living Legend below. Big Bad: For as simplistic as this game’s story is, even it has anRead More